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Round rotating eco house

Adjusts itself according to weather and seasons
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If the house was built like an igloo but rotating to take advantage of the energy of the sun for heating.In summer it would turn away from sun to avoid heating. Of course it would have all the modern conveniences and entertainment systems. Video projector would use part of the curved inside wall to to project 3D lookalike images when not used for watching those special effect movies. Curved video screen has been used somewhere but I can't remember where? Plumbing and electricity should be done in the middle of the house and basement would be not rotating. Having an igloo shaped house would be easy to keep warm and ventilation would be on the top. It would possible to open part of the roof in warm summer nights for stargazing. Rotating the house would be very slow and done with electric motor with slow gear system. Also there would be a exercise bicycle connected to the rotating system to make use of the human power and to save energy. Computerised weather station on the roof would affect the rotating system so if it is cold and windy the house would rotate to optimise the best shelter taking in account the seasons and sun. Rotating would be possibly limited to 180 degrees which would ease some of the engineering problems how to connect the water, sewarage and electricity. In the midldle of the house would be sewarage pipe leading to basement. Electricity and water would be connected using flexible cables and hoses near the middle of the house. On the roof there would be solar panels and solar water heating. The furniture needs to be custom made to complement the design. Hammocks would be used for sleeping instead of beds as these would be easy to shift away during daytime to utilise the space for other activities during the day. Cooking is done in a massive wood oven/stove near the middle and using special vuolukivi soapstone from Finland would retain the heat long and keep the whole house warm over night and in the morning. With all this eco technology and good insulation the electricity consumption would be minimal and possibly solar panels on the roof adequate enough if sun is shining.
Pellepeloton, Sep 16 2006

Similar Rotating Dome House by Sunspace http://www.architec...8/building_1-2.html
"On the foundation is installed a turntable-like structure and rings fitted with 1,600 stainless steel ball bearings. The turntable, driven by a one-horsepower (745-watt) motor, allows the owner to turn the house by push button or computer-programmed control. It can also be rotated manually." [jurist, Sep 17 2006]

Sunspace Rotating Homes http://www.rotatinghomes.com/
Looks like they're still in business as of this date. [jurist, Sep 17 2006]

(?) RotaHaus RotaHaus
[po, Sep 17 2006]

A rather different sort of rotating house Home_20Slippery_20Home
[wagster, Sep 18 2006]

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       A Canadian company named Sunspace Rotating Homes was making homes very similar to your idea as recently as 2002. See [link] below for photos and more details about the company, their ecologically sensitive designs, rotation system, and attention to energy efficiency.   

       [Edit: Looks like they're still around today. See 2nd link. Pre-engineered models range from 746 to nearly 6400 square feet.]
jurist, Sep 17 2006

       Very interesting and looks like the shape makes the house especially energy efficient. Another idea came into my mind, when you go for a holiday from your hillside round house you just flick the remote and house would rotate the windows and doors towards the hillside and that makes the house almost invisible and burglar proof.
Pellepeloton, Sep 17 2006

       You'll see that Sunspace covers that angle, too, in the second link, under the Rotation heading: "Most SUNSPACE owners however, choose to install a small electric motor controlled from inside the house by a switch or remote control. Depending on your lot characteristics turning the house away from the front entranceway while you are away can be an added measure of personal household security."
jurist, Sep 17 2006

       Looks like I can buy one of those houses as soon as I have made my first million from the ideas I have not submitted to Halfbakery.
Pellepeloton, Sep 17 2006

       Seams to me these houses are primarily entertainment value, rather than energy consumption..
Zus, Sep 18 2006

       I want a Sunspace home.
wagster, Sep 18 2006

       [Pellepeleton] I like your idea. I wish a lot more people would think like that.   

       A couple of comments:   

       - rotation may not be necessary: just use shutters on one side of the house.   

       - having solar collectors (not solar panels) on the roof is a good way to keep the sun off the house in the summer and to catch a little bit of heat in the winter.   

       - leaving the stove on all day would only be helpful on heating days.   

       - it might be nice if the house can change color too, to change heat adsorption.   

       - now what are you going to do about cars? People use amazing amounts of energy to move themselves around.
jmvw, Sep 18 2006

       [jmvw] Have a look on my other ideas like Take A Bullet Luge to Work. No energy but just gravity needed to go downhill.   

       Got a bit distracted from the subject. The garage would have rotating platform as well, would save reversing on to the street. Garage itself would not need to rotate. Basement would have laundry, workshop, sauna, and wine cellar. Wine bottles would be stored on round bottle size holes drilled into bedrock.
Pellepeloton, Sep 20 2006


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