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Skyrise Zipline Transport

For when you just want to get home
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From the outside... the building have multiple zip lines going down at different angles from different floors to the ground. Most tourist would just consider it 'building decoration'.

However the tourist sees something interesting, businessmen emerging from a hole next to the zipline. The tourist then saw these guys hook a device nonchalantly to the line and suddenly zip down the line.

Just after the first business man zip down the line... the tourist suddenly saw another one from another zipline... and another from another one!

In fact its seems like multiple fleas were hopping off a building... rushing home to eat and sleep!


just another day at work i guess.

mofosyne, Apr 05 2009


       I always thought that this would be a great way to design a city.
All vehicles would be parked on the outskirts and all traffic within the city propper would be done by sky trams between the buildings. Elevators (solar?) raising or lowering either end of a cable would let all traffic be gravity powered. (+)


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