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Rubber Head Sink Plugs

A range of rubber heads to use as sink plugs
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There is something very satisfying at the thought of forcing a rubber replica head of an undesirable down the plug hole of a sink to act as a stopper. When not in use they would hang around, as plugs tend to do, on the end of their captive chain. Delux versions could have hair which would swirl around in a satisfying manner as the sink filled, then hang limply, stuck to the side of the bowl after the water had drained.
xenzag, Oct 01 2005

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       Is this where the saying "pull your head in" comes from? or should it be "pull your head out?"
100 percent, Oct 06 2005

       hey I knew your mother, welcome 100%
po, Oct 06 2005

       I likes. Hair would impair the plug function. Not sure how many bald headed undesirables there are, but there have to be some.
bungston, Oct 06 2005

       Could we have them made in the likenesses of plumbers whose rates have been comparable to, say, a surgeon's? (It's never a good sign when one of them pulls up with a driver and entourage.)
Ander, Nov 28 2021

       Ha... This was one of my first halfbaked ideas. I still remember the feeling of posting ideas into what was then a rapidly moving torrent.
xenzag, Nov 28 2021


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