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simplified faucet installation

2 piece sink allows above the counter faucet installation
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If the standard kitchen sink came as a two piece assembly then it would eliminate the need to crawl under the sink to swap out a faucet or fix a leak. Start with an ordinary sink but the faucet shelf area would be missing and there would be an elongated hole where the faucet sits. The second piece is the sink plate that would snap into that hole. Assembly becomes wonderfully simple. 1) Attach the faucet to the plate. 2) Pull your flexible water supply lines up through the hole in the sink 3) Attach the supply lines to the faucet 4) Test for water tightness by turning on the water and visually inspecting the connections to make sure there are no leaks. 5) Caulk around large sink plate hole 6) Snap faucet and plate onto sink.

The sink plate could also be interchangeable since some people prefer more access holes than others. (You may notice hole plugs inserted in extra holes that are not used.) Also, some faucets feature a large base bezel only to cover up the holes left and right of the center hole. This bezel would no longer be necessary. Simply replace a three hole plate with a one hole plate for a cleaner appearance.

Wakt_Out, Oct 15 2006


       sounds leaky
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 15 2006

       Except for the caulk, I like. If a rubber gasket could be used instead, maintenance would be a lot easier.
Texticle, Oct 15 2006


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