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SD Stun gun/Cattle prod

Stop a would be mugger from stealing you brand new PDA
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Most PDAs come with a SDIO socket so why not make a SD Stun gun/cattle prod.

Then if some one tries to mug you whilst you are trying to use you PDA in public, you can run the stun gun software on your PDA and give them a dam good shocking.

It may well drain your PDA batteries flat but that has to be better than no PDA, and you would need to make sure it didn't go off whilst it was in your pocket.

Splatman, Apr 28 2004

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       I am thankful to live in a country where the implementation of your suggestion would be illegal. Bu if its legal where you live, go for it. Just remind me never to enter the land where common household items have a "lethal" mode.
k9island, Apr 28 2004


       I don't think I'd rely on the tool unless you could [run the stun gun software] from an easily startable icon or some such thing.....I can just see me waiting for it to load.....   

       But [k9island], the application as described in non-lethal. Stun guns will knock you down, possibly paralyze you for a brief period of time.   

       I don't know where you live, but many [common household items] where I live have lethal modes. Wine bottles, kitchen knives, frying pans, etc.   

       People are more dangerous than inanimate objects. If you can find a land where there are no dangerous people, I'll move there too, and we can live on fruits and berries whilst singing merrily.
normzone, Apr 28 2004

       BrauBeaton - I'd love to get me mitts on one of those fly swatters ATM (the midges are in a holding pattern) their proper use aside, they're the smallest, most amazingly useful HV source I've seen (revamps CG idea again)
Herbicide, Apr 29 2004


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