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Thumb Stylus

Rubber Thimble with short stylus tip
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Name and summary say it all. The thing would look like a thimble, but would comfortably fit over either your right or left thumb. Somewhere near the tip but at a comfortable angle, there is a hard plastic stylus tip. You hold your PDA in the palm of your hand and use the thimble's tip as a stylus.

I "collect" personalized license plates while driving, and holding the steering wheel with my knees while I input grafitti is getting a bit hairy. One-handing it would be significantly safer.

bingo foo, May 09 2002

Finger Stylus http://www.expansys...2&asource=PALM_M100
Adjustable so that I imagine it will fit your thumb. [st3f, Oct 21 2002]

Finger Stylus http://www.stingerstylus.com/products/
Adjustable so that I imagine it will fit your thumb. [st3f, Oct 04 2004]

A Google Searcy https://www.google....16.1965.FWKiIeJBQzQ
The other links are bad, apparently, but the Idea does exist. [Vernon, Dec 07 2014]


       Might I suggest that $20 would get you a dictation-type tape recorder, which would be safer yet?
mwburden, May 10 2002

       To quote blissmiss:   

       you scare me....
yamahito, May 10 2002

       Croissant for advancement of thumbs
thumbwax, May 10 2002

       I thought this would be for playing records...which would have been impressive.
mcscotland, May 10 2002

       Bum stylus for use in a seated position by the wriggling of the gluteus maximus.
pottedstu, May 10 2002

       memorise and write it in a notepad at the next lights. I spotted a really good one the other week! hah.
po, May 10 2002

       This would be great for navigating existing info like address book or calander. But... most good PDAs will have a "Transcriber" type feature, and writing with my thumb!... mmm... don't think so!
baldy, Oct 21 2002

       Scribbling on a PDA while driving is such a bad idea that I hesitate to annotate. If I take out the driving part of it and just look at alternate ways of scribbling on PDAs, there is such a thing as a finger stylus (see link), and I see no reason why you can't stick this on the end of your thumb.
st3f, Oct 21 2002

       that Finger Stylus is too large and bulky. It looks like it has a belt attached, what the heck? lol   

       I want a thimble sized cover for my index finger, maybe made of nylon so it can roll up to fit inside the pda.
neuroticus, Nov 15 2002

       Heh.. I use this.   

       For various reasons (this being one of them), I keep the thumbnail on my right hand a little long. :)   

       BTW; You don't want to do this in a car anyways; it's still awkward for text entry. Awesome for navigation tho. Better to get a PDA clip so that it is secured to the dash of your car and get another stylus with a rope. Would serve you better for this task.
JackandJohn, Mar 04 2003

       I love the idea, the pencil stylus is retarded. Laura,
Laura T, Oct 08 2003

       The company in [st3f]'s link has discontinued that item, does that make this unbaked again? (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Oct 08 2003

       //...does that make this unbaked again?//
Just as much as turning off the oven turns bread into dough. :o)
Anyhow... [link updated]
st3f, Oct 08 2003

       I hate it when I think of something cool, and it's already in there a generation ago :)
theircompetitor, Oct 19 2005

       //I "collect" personalized license plates// I lived next to a fat man who drove a gold BMW 5 series with the plates "FAT GIT". Style.
wagster, Oct 19 2005


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