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SI arthropods

Drag entomologists into the 21st Century
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What nonsense is this?
How can you have a thousandth or a hundredth of a foot?
These must be renamed "kilopedes" and "hectopedes" forthwith.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 15 2005

SI prefixes http://physics.nist...Units/prefixes.html
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 15 2005]

I don't know what you'd call this? http://www.dumpalin...7206/Extra_Long_Dog
[skinflaps, Dec 15 2005]


       I think your misconception is the *'th*   

po, Dec 15 2005

What nonsense is is?
How can you have a ousand or a hundred of a foot?
ese must be renamed "kilopedes" and "hectopedes" forwi.

Better, [po]?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 15 2005

       AbsineWioutLeave, yep!
po, Dec 15 2005

skinflaps, Dec 15 2005

       [skinflaps]ROTFL - //Pimp my pup// Stick some fake legs on springs on it to make it look like it's (moon-)walking when it's stopped. Heh heh
Dub, Dec 15 2005

       As they've got pairs of legs, perhaps they should use powers of 2, and go with the IT standards of Kl, Ml, Gl, Tl, Al, and Pl?
Dub, Dec 15 2005


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