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SUV Flipping

A new wholly original compeitive sport with SUVs
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Sometime in the late 80's a top japanese race driver realised people were bored with watching him win EVERY time. So he did something different. He started drifting around corners, pretty soon everyone was copying it and it became a sport.

With drifting, the idea is to break a cars cornering grip and enter a powerslide and hold it on the brink of loosing control completely.

SUVs and other vehicles with a high centre of gravity are very prone to flipping over under extreme cornering or a spin-out condition. This is a huge contributor to road fatalities and a very bad look for SUV manurfacturors. This is why I propose a new sport, called SUV flipping. The idea is to induce a rollover in a SUV. The idea is you hold it on the brink of loosing control -- of a roll over -- for as long possible, then let it go, trying to create the most spectacular flip or most number of rolls (and perhaps damage). This sport could become popular and restore credibilty to the SUV.

How's that for a bad fish?

venomx, May 20 2003

SUV rollover http://www.tealeafmag.com
SUv rollover psychology [tealeaf magazine, Oct 17 2004]


       You uh, going for the pole position?
thumbwax, May 20 2003

       Wouldn't SUV owners get upset if people started to tip them over as a hobby?
Aristotle, May 20 2003

       I was hoping this was some new urban sport along the lines of the cow tipping that goes on in rural areas.
DrCurry, May 20 2003

       See also 'SUV Racing' - I wish that there were time a swell as date stamps on new ideas. Then I could tell if this idea was built "on the shoulders of giants" or just an example of the right idea for its time!
PiledHigherandDeeper, May 20 2003

       I assure you it's neither.
waugsqueke, May 20 2003

       Would there also be a class for sports cars? The most common vehicle in a single-vehicle rollover is the Corvette afterall.
WikdWaze, Oct 31 2003

       I'm for SUV flipping, only I'm a Dodge fan and it would be hard to beat a Ford Explorer or Izuzu Trooper. It would be nice to see Fords destroyed. Would there be a class for soccer-moms on cell phones?
kcarsrule, Jan 06 2004


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