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Saddam's Doubles

They are out of work and we need entertaining!
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It is widely reported in the media that everyones favorite villain Saddan Hussein has employed numerous doubles to confuse wouldbe assassins! As it grows increasingly more likely that Saddam is to be killed or captured, these doppelgangers will find themselves jobless. I propose that they be employed as entertainers in a disneyland style iraq theme park, turning bagdad into the vegas of the middle east (unrestricted gambling, prostitution and tack!). This would help iraq's economy recover after the war, and thousands of tourists would flock to the chapels to be married by saddam (who would have taken all the relevent vows to conduct multi denominational marriages), and the kiddies could get there autograph books filled with the dictators scrawl! Why not take a ride on "the Scud" in the "demilitarised zone", or stop for a bite in the "infidels coffee shop and bakery", before rounding off the perfect evening watching the "shock and awe" firework display (although brits will be warned to expect friendly fire!).
MikeOliver, Apr 06 2003


       Strictly for the adults, why not visit one of iraq's Gaza Strip clubs!
MikeOliver, Apr 06 2003

       I see a great Saturday Night Live / Hollywood career opening up for them soon, although they might have problems with typecasting...   

       Perhaps a career as carnival dunk-tank technician?
RayfordSteele, Apr 06 2003

       more n'likely they will all end up dead. would you fancy looking like Saddam in the next few days/weeks?   

       croissant - alright you don't have to kiss my ring finger.
po, Apr 06 2003

       You should read more carefully po, the theme park is planned for after saddam is dead (or in prison - highly unlikely methinks!). A decent sized park would take years to build!
MikeOliver, Apr 06 2003

       I was thinking short-term. Saddam is shot next Wednesday? those lookalikes are going to have to keep a very very low profile for quite some time until everyone on the front knows that the real one is departed RIH
po, Apr 06 2003

       Hollywood already has a Saddam double--Jerry Haleva (see him in the movies "Hot Shots!", "Hot Shots, Part Deux", "Jane Austen's Mafia", and "The Big Lebowski"). But if they act quickly, they might be able to get their foot in the door. Apparently, he has decided to stop impersonating Saddam for at least the duration of the war.
Guncrazy, Apr 06 2003

       Jerry - I call him Jerry, heh - is a lobbyist by trade - stumbled into the part-time lookalike biz & stole the show. Without authoritive powers, I can't imagine how these pseudo-Saddams would be held accountable for any crimes - it's highly unlikely the majority applied for the position they now hold & they'd be wise to spit on Saddam's pic if/when the time comes to speed their exit into a normal life. There's as many as a dozen lookalikes who've had the task of decoying around Iraq, BTW. Crescent.
thumbwax, Apr 06 2003

       Why not have them form a "boy" band? Perhaps something along the lines of the "Village People". Talk about Shock and Awe...
lostdog, Apr 06 2003

       and lostdog wins the humor medal by a nose...
RayfordSteele, Apr 06 2003

       ... and a bushy moustache.
Don Quixote, Apr 06 2003

       I hope they find all the Saddam clones too, or we're in a heap of trouble in twenty years.
FarmerJohn, Apr 07 2003


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