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Safer bike lanes

Bike lanes between parking and sidewalk
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Even when drivers generally respect bike lanes, some will use them for right turns, deliveries, etc. Furthermore, even conscientious drivers must cross the bike lanes for curbside parking, which defeats the whole purpose. Placing bike lanes between the curb and parked cars ensures that cyclists are protected from moving vehicles.

Ideally, there would be a narrow (4 feet would probably be sufficient) strip between the bike and parking lanes for people getting in and out of the passenger side of the car.

Magpie, Dec 04 2004


       I love this idea. I hate that cars are always in my bike lane in the city, double parked or whatever. I think the space allowance for people opening their car doors is also really important -- they never check for bikers!
jennyusp, Dec 04 2004

       I'm for this but I'd rather just ban all cars and build superb public transport systems, replacing roads with rails or bicycle areas. This will suffice for the time being.
harderthanjesus, Dec 05 2004

       Has the same, or ever more problems than existing cycle lanes. People opening car doors, and crossing the lane from cars to pavement would be a big problem. The lane would be strewn with litter, and would be difficult to grit/salt in winter. When you reach a junction priorities are very difficult to manage and will usually be more dangerous. The road width necessary for this woudn't be available in most European cities.   

       Adequately punish or tow drivers abusing existing cycle lanes, would be a simpler solution. Learn to cycle properly and you don't need cycle lanes at all (apart from the odd contraflow system, where parked cars should be melted down and turned into bicycles).
ooooooooo, Dec 05 2004


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