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Scolds be gone
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Look- what percentage of the time we do spend rinsing dishes off or other activities with our hands in the water versus the amount of time we need boiling molten hot lava, plastic melting heated water? I say the odds lean towards the former. That's why I propose a safety catch of some sort to prevent you from getting scalded when doing the dishes but still allowing easy access to super hot water. I imagine something like a manual transmission safety measure preventing you from going into reverse. Turn all the way to hot then lift up and over? Or a button on the hot water knob; something that's only visible after you've adjusted the temp all the way to the hot side.

I've seen several faucets advertised that have heat limits, but most I've seen are set/adjusted when you assemble the faucet- set once and you're stuck with it.

I also know there are seperate hot water spouts available that already do this- but they are ugly, and often are too low/short to be of use. I also know you can probably adjust the water heater to a cooler setting- but then the scalding parties I have on the weekends would be boring waiting for the water to boil on the stove.

el73, Sep 20 2005

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       I'm gonna delete like no one ever saw that   

       <blush, blush>
chocolateraindrops, Sep 20 2005

       We all see them, [chocolate]. You know what they mean, stop kidding.
normzone, Sep 20 2005

       thermostatic (shower)faucets aready have this. You need soem kind of thermostat to sense that the water is not scalding hot yet. There is a little knob on them that you have to press to set it to a high temperature. The treshold is usually way to low (40 C), but maybe you can change that?
nietsch, Sep 20 2005

       Nietsch- It sounds like that might work- if there is a button that you can press to change it from skin-touch warm to scalding. I don't really care about checking the temp to make sure it's safe. I just want to quickly turn on the sink and start my activity and as it is warming up, I don't want to worry that it's not going to get too hot. So I throw the lever all the way over to hot- but once I'm done, I want to get some super hot water for a particularly troublesome stain- so I manipulate the handle in some fashion to kick it into "turbo" hot mode.
el73, Sep 21 2005


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