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Safety Fangs

Intimidate your opponents while preserving your smile.
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On the rugby pitch or the football field, protective mouthpieces are required equipment. The typical mouthpiece is made of a gum-like substance that is heated in boiled water, formed in the mouth to fit the wearer's teeth, then cooled solidifying the mold to a custom fit.

At Halloween parties and Goth clubs, the standard equipment is a cheapo set of plastic fangs, designed to make one look like a frightening bloodsucking ghoul.

By combining the two we get IRB/NFL approved Safety Fangs that will scare the bejesus out of your oppo. Likewise costumers and clubkids will party in safety, knowing their real teeth will remain intact despite wine cooler or absinthe induced violence.

If I can get dentists onboard, I'll add some slow-release flouride to the mix, an added bouns for candy-munching kids whose teeth never come in contact with enamel rotting sugar.

grip, Sep 10 2003

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       I like this a lot. This would sell.
bungston, Sep 10 2003

       of course these aren't the only sports where gumshields are worn. perhaps these could be employed in boxing to save Tyson getting his teeth knocked out while the fangs make it easier for him to bite his opponents' ears off (+)
rodti, Sep 11 2003

       My dad is a dentist, when I was a teen I had really gappy teeth. Out of boredom and our shared sense of fun he made me a moulded palette with beautiful great big fangs to fill the gaps. They were very artistic and great for travellling home late at night.
weedy, Apr 16 2005

       that is a great idea, if could make a few and give them to boxers and such. you'll be stinking rich.
cornpad, Jan 12 2008

       Its a good idea but it has been done. If you watch UFC. ANdre arlofski or whatever his name is, wears them.
Antegrity, Jan 14 2008


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