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Sailing washing machine

Inflatable tow-along washing machine
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For sailing.

Inflate the drum-shaped thing. The walls are inflatable tubes, so you have a cylindrical cavity, closed at one end. Load your dirty sailing clothes, some biodegradable washing powder, and half-fill with hot water. Close and seal the other end. Attach a tow-rope, via a bridle which allows it to rotate. Then toss it into the sea. As you sail along, the rotating drum bounces merrily over the waves, sloshing and washing as you go. When the main wash is done, haul it in, refresh with clean water, and repeat for rinse.

Frankx, Nov 04 2019


       I think we already did this.
Voice, Nov 04 2019

       Where do you get the water from?
pocmloc, Nov 04 2019

       I wonder if detergents can work in seawater.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 04 2019

       I believe there are some that do. For this, I wasn't envisaging seawater though.
Frankx, Nov 04 2019

       Given that fresh water is often limited on boats, it might make more sense to wash and rinse in seawater, then a final rinse in fresh water.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 04 2019

       Given that cleanliness and hygiene are apparently unknown to most amateur yachtsmen of smaller vessels, the idea appears worthy, but pointless.   

       Most seem to make a point of looking as filthy, slovenly and disreputable as possible. It seems to be some sort of badge of honour ... "No chance to wash or shave, been sailing single handed round the Out Skerries in a Force Nine, with a torn jib'sl, jammed tiller cleats, waist-deep water in the well, and fighting off a ten metre giant squid with a broken penknife and the boathook ..."   

       A surreptitious examination of their GPS log generally reveals that they motored round the headland into the next bay, dropped anchor, and drank themselves unconscious on cheap booze from their last foray across the Channel. But they talk a good voyage...
8th of 7, Nov 04 2019


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