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Salad tape

Food on a reel
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A reel containing a tagliatelle-like strip of pasta impregnated with various flavours and foods, such as carrot juice, spinach, chilli, blueberry juice, tomato soup and so on. Pull the end of the tape out and stick it in your mouth, then stick the reel on a motorised wheel and turn it on. The tagliatelle proceeds to spool over your tongue and down your throat as you enjoy a beautiful symphony of flavours. Bulimics can press rewind, DJs can alternate cue and review.
nineteenthly, May 22 2010

Slightly different idea Edible_20Tape
[hippo, May 23 2010]

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       You should also be able to watch a video complete with food consumption noises and images of real food while the food strip bypasses all real processes of eating. It all looks SO GOOD.
WcW, May 23 2010

       You should be careful not to hit the uvula.
DrWorm, May 23 2010

       In most cases, [DrWorm], yes, unless you have the prepossessedness to hit rewind as soon as you experience nausea. Alternatively, you could just let it fill your mouth.   

       Nice one, [WcW]. Good for foody films like La Grande Bouffe, Eat Drink Man Woman, The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover (with optional book flavour) and so forth.
nineteenthly, May 23 2010

       Make the carrier tape of some inert substance and it could be collected on a take-up spool from behind, ready for re-use.
pocmloc, May 23 2010

       You could also thread it up through your nostrils and attach it to another reel.
nineteenthly, May 23 2010


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