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Soup Brewer

A version of coffee maker but for package soups
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Another product to make bachelors' lives easier. This thing sits on the counter in the kitchen, looks like a coffee maker, but bigger. You choose the soup you want, press the button; the soup is cooked and then dispensed into the bowl under the nozzle.

Chemical engineers will know there are two kinds of reactors: CSTR and PFR (Pipe Flow Rxtr). The Soup Brewer can be made with a teflon PFR, which flushes itself with water once the soup is done. The only possible problem is it not flushing properly. Then you'll be drinking some moldy soup next time (mmm mold). But then the pipe could be disassembled and cleaned with a flexible brush kind of thing. Open to further cooking...

xkuntay, Feb 07 2009

Soup Machine (Google insisted i meant soul machine) http://www.coffetek...k/crouton_soup.html
[loonquawl, Feb 13 2009]


       Make soup from what ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 07 2009

       [FT] From the delicious Knorr powder soups.. They can be found in most stores. (Wish I got commission for this. At least they should sponsor this idea. Did you hear me Unilever!)
xkuntay, Feb 08 2009

       umm.... even bachelors don't have too much trouble adding boiling water to soup mix. (and as it happens I have a couple little jars of knorr bullions)
FlyingToaster, Feb 08 2009

       Haven't I seen coffee vending machines with soup as an option? Or do I need to take my meds early again today?
Custardguts, Feb 09 2009

       Custard: you have. But a regular coffee maker could do this fine. Put dry soup in empty carafe. Fill with water. Water comes thru, gets hot, finds no coffee up above, proceeds through, lands in carafe, mixes with soup. And: there is soup. Not clam chowder, but soup of some sort. Or ramen.
bungston, Feb 09 2009

       Okay, probably you guys don't drink those kinds of soups too often, but there are kinds of soups that require looong cooking time. That is because they contain flour or rice. They are pain in the bouncies to deal with cause they stick to the bottom of the pot (then why even drink them right? but that's not the point.). A coffee maker cannot handle those kinds of hardcore soups. That's why we need the soup brewer (for those who like it old fashioned I guess.).
xkuntay, Feb 11 2009

       Bachelors don't eat soup; they eat hamburgers. And they don't clean soup brewers; they don't even know how to run soup brewers. They see the word "brew", take it as a command, and think "Man, wouldn't a hamburger go nice with this". The rest is history, until they get married. Then they cut the grass, take out the garbage, and eat stuff they can't even name, containing some sort of squash, or maybe eggplant. Soup doesn't figure into their thinking until sex produces a child who wants soup. At this point, bachelors discover cans, and learn to operate a microwave.
colorclocks, Feb 11 2009

       As a (self) confirmed bachelor (who actually confirms bachelors anyway?) I can categorically state that the microwave is more than adequate in the preparation of soups, rice, and (probably) spaghetti. To augment the mighty microwave, a true bachelor should also equip themselves with a frying pan - with these two items of equipment (and a wooden chopping board to protect the knees from hotness) - three items, almost any dish can be prepared to satisfaction and consumed al-sofa without recourse to plates or other tiresome items requiring subsequent washing-up.
zen_tom, Feb 11 2009

       // have a couple little jars of knorr bullions//
I thought FDR made it illegal to own bullion?
coprocephalous, Feb 11 2009

       And here was I expecting a machine to make alcohol from soup.
vincevincevince, Feb 11 2009

       //I thought FDR made it illegal to own bullion?// yeah, the Sherman Act or something like that ? Is that still around seeing as money is no longer reedemable for gold ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 11 2009

       "Brewer's OOP" might be a good name for an object oriented protocol for beer and whisky making professionals.   

       Class Container{};   

       Class Barrel extends Container{
Public void Roll(out){};

       Class Pint extends Container{
Public void Pour(booze){};

zen_tom, Feb 12 2009

       Baked in Iceland. Does everything from gruel to mashed potatoes.
loonquawl, Feb 13 2009


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