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Saltwater Power and Desalination Plant

Ocean - Salt = Drinking Water + Second Ice Age + Dead Fish
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Any high school science teacher is familiar with a saltwater battery science project. Two different types of metal in a saline electrolyte and what do you get... electricity. Oh, and of course ah... saline metal hydride sludge and chlorine gas. The gas can be harvested and sold for commercial use. The sludge, depending on the type of metal used can undergo further chemical reactions (possibly generating more electricity) to be turned into other commercially viable chemicals and drinking water. Since we have a nearly limitless supply of salt water (ok they said that about oil and coal and trees and ...) in the ocean plop a few thousand of these plants along the coastline. TaDa! Cheap electricity and water supply for generations to come... but not the generations after that.
freshbaked, Oct 22 2009


       Isn't the metal eaten away?
pocmloc, Oct 22 2009

       Where does the limitless supply of metal come from?
bungston, Oct 23 2009

       damn science teachers need to do their jobs better.
WcW, Oct 23 2009

       If you're looking for scientifically sound ideas aren't you on the wrong website? It seems that most of the highest voted ideas on this site were voted up for their absurdity rather than their plausibilty.
freshbaked, Oct 23 2009

       Welcome Newbie!
WcW, Oct 23 2009


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