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Samurai Penknife

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A very sharp, hardened steel penknife to be fished out of a hidden kimono pocket to sharpen chopsticks, shave the frontal part of the head or slice off the wings of attacking bees.
FarmerJohn, Jun 20 2002

Kozuka / Kogatana http://www.google.c...53,GGLC:en&q=Kozuka
Been Baked for Centuries. Kept in Saya (Scabbard) for Wakizashi or Katana. [Knife Knut, Jan 26 2005]


       I like my bees stabbed right through the heart- it's the Samurai way.
polartomato, Jun 20 2002

       We would buy this. A Tanto bulges the pockets too much. An existing SAK isn't sharp enough for those essential silk-handkerchief-cutting demonstrations.   

       It would need a special secondary blade for de-b*llocking bluebottles.
8th of 7, Jun 20 2002

       Samauri Army knife? Comes with chopsticks, hari-kari blade....
phoenix, Jun 20 2002

       Phoenix: ..... bonsai trimmer..... rice bowl...... geisha polisher ..... tea ceremony timer ...... haiku measurer ....   

       The trouble is that each one would have to be made by a little old man hammering out a tiny billet of steel over and over again by the light of the spring moon shining through the cherry blossom and then lain on a bed of purest silk in a tiny exquisitely-carved wooden box, who'd then go off into the mountains and cry his eyes out and die of a broken heart because he'd never, never, ever make anything so beautiful or perfect ever again. Pretty soon, you'd run out of little wizened old craftsmen, and the product would never make the mass market.   

       On the plus side, however, there might be quite a few pretty, recently orphaned daughters in need of comfort and consolation.
8th of 7, Jun 20 2002

       It buys Geisha girls eastern european passports.
[ sctld ], Jun 20 2002

       If someone would like to contribute to the 'Send StarChaser to Japan' research fund, I will go polish as many geishas as I can find in whatever way may present itself, and report back.
StarChaser, Jun 21 2002

       What would a Polish geisha act like, I wonder?
jester, Jun 21 2002

       We must find out.
Madcat, Oct 21 2003

       Let's hope that Mandolin she's holding is not a polish salami slicer....
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 26 2005

       ^Very Brexit
not_morrison_rm, Dec 31 2016


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