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Stage Blood Sword

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A metal long sword with a CO2 canister in the pommel along with a reserve of fake blood in the thick, dull blade. Pressing the concealed button on the hilt just below the crossguard will spray the fake blood out of small hidden openings near the tip.

If timed correctly when swung or thrusted, the blade will appear to cleave through the other actor's flesh while spraying him/her and the blade itself with blood. Just make sure you don't accidently club them.

notmarkflynn, May 26 2006

<nemesis>Link</nemesis> http://www.halfbake...rkflynn_27s_20Ideas
<nemesis>I use this.</nemesis> [dbmag9, May 27 2006]


       <nemesis>Not even worthy of my comment. I know what you did last thursday, notmarkflynn...</nemesis>
dbmag9, May 26 2006

       That dog fully consented to all actions. I have the paperwork to prove it.
notmarkflynn, May 27 2006

       How do you find my ideas? I try to edit my modes to automatically find your ideas, but it never works. It makes me feel like an inadequate nemesis.
notmarkflynn, May 27 2006

       <nemesis>I use the link to the left.</nemesis>
dbmag9, May 27 2006

       I was about to tell you that your list was empty [dbmag]. Then I actually looked at it. Not half bad. This idea's fairly good too.
hidden truths, May 27 2006

       Ouch. That hit me right in the pride...
notmarkflynn, May 27 2006


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