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Satanic Nightlight

Scare the #$%! out of your overnight guests.
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Nightlight, at user-defined programmable time, projects demonic imagery on walls/ceiling and plays back satanic chants through built-in speaker.

Manufacturer not responsible for soiled mattresses and bed coverings.

Derektum, Jan 22 2008

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       Kudos to the marketing director on this
punk_punker, Jan 22 2008

       [+] I have cats that don't get along at 3am... bass growling (from a 3 lb cat) followed by screaming and yelling.... satanic chants would be a relief.
FlyingToaster, Jan 22 2008

       Just as long as there's no evil laugh track. The hand dryers weren't designed to run 24/7.
Canuck, Jan 22 2008

       Now if I could just convince the local JW's to spend the night...
RayfordSteele, Jan 24 2008


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