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Savory Scents

candles that smell like food.
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So we have candles that smell like pies, flowers, even rain. Why not a candle that smells like, say, pot roast, potato and leek soup, malagatanay, mac n cheese? Imagine for a moment...walking into someone's house, and smelling Thanksgiving dinner-- all the time. Of course, you can't really manufacture the "love" factor of a home cooked meal, and there arises the whole question of how to satiate the hunger that comes with the tantalizing smell. Maybe it could come with a recipe book...or a meal pill, like in the Jetson's or meal gum in Willie Wonka...
shibbyy, Dec 18 2005

Mulligatawny Soup http://www.recipezaar.com/4891
As it is usually spelled. [jutta, Dec 18 2005]

White Barn: True Temptations line http://www.bathandb...073258.2083089.html
Used to have a "Buttered Mashed Potatoes" flavor, sadly, now just the usual spice- and sweets-based ones. [jutta, Dec 18 2005]


       it is the usual advice when selling a house, to fill the place with the aroma of fresh coffee or newly baked bread to encourage prospective buyers to feel at home. now there are two scents that would definitely sell!   

       what is //malagatanay//?
po, Dec 18 2005

       This'll only make people fatter. Keep it away from America.
Honduras, Dec 18 2005

       sp: Mulligatawny   

       It's a type of British soup invented to imitate soups tasted in India during the rise of the empire, It means literally "Pepper-water".
Minimal, Dec 19 2005

       Growing up, I always thought it was Irish (Mulligan and all that). Only when I went to India, where it is still served, I realized it maybe had a different origin.
DrCurry, Dec 19 2005

       People at this site are so well travelled...
Honduras, Dec 19 2005


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