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Multiple Scent Mechanical Candle

A mechanic candle that will provide scents based on aromatic chemicals.
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you start wit a cylinder in the shape of a candle, in the upper half of the candle and almost at the top you place a platform with various holes where little tubes are going to fit. those tubes straw size have a curved shape that will permit some air that will flow up, then down, than up again, like this ~ in the middle it will have the aromatic chemicals so air will start flowing up, go down to the chemical, crossing through it in bubbles and going up to a hole in the upper platform of the candle. each of little tubes will have chemicals of different aromas, forest, coffee, sea, and many others. in the upper part of the tube and lower part will have valves that will open and close from some buttons on one side of the candle. what each button will do when pressed, will open the valve, and when not pressed will close it. buttons will send an electric signal to the valve that it will open, when valve stop receiving voltage, they will close. the button panel will have buttons that when one is pressed, the other one that may be open gets released back to unpressed position, deactivating the sensor and closing the valve. in the top and bottom of the chemical there will be some lids that will keep the chemical in place in case the candle is in an upside down to protect the chemical from going to unwanted places. in the bottom of the candle there will be a fan, and some holes on the side to suck air to get it to flow through the chemical and flow out in the hole in the upper part of the candle. the speed of the fan will be controlled by a volume knob that will control the voltage that goes to the fan to impulse the air out, the more air pressure it receives, more aroma gets in the air. an air cleaner filter would be put in between the bottom where the fan is and the aromatic tubes to ensure clean aromatic quality.
canoro, Mar 10 2009


       in my own defense I almost always use capital letters in posts.

       Wall-O-Text... Do Not Want
FlyingToaster, Mar 10 2009

       Excessively complex, and therefore expensive and probably prone to failure [-]
notexactly, Apr 20 2019

       Hmmm, could be handy in cinemas, doing the appropriate scent etc. Watch out for people bringing in their own skunks to mess up the plot line.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 20 2019


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