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saxophone and bagpipes combined into one instrument
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Saxophonicbagpipe is the instrument generated by physically combining a saxophone with a set of bagpipes.

It's actually quite a simple instrument to make with the bagpipe's chanter being replaced with the main fingering shaft of a saxophone.

The musician plays the saxophone in the usual way, but must also rhythmically squeeze the bagpipe to create the continuous background drone.

The resulting sound is a synergie of the bagpipe's droning combined with the saxophone's characteristic jazzy sounds.

xenzag, Nov 19 2022

https://fraserfifie...chd-pipe-music-2021 [pocmloc, Nov 19 2022]

Rufus Harley https://www.atlasob...s/meet-rufus-harley
“When people hear Harley for the first time, the reaction most people have is, ‘Is that a bagpipe I’m hearing?’ ... He played it so differently. Like a spiritual jazz thing. Laid against traditional jazz, it really surprised listeners.” [a1, Nov 19 2022]

Giant Steps https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KDg31vI04Wc
a fine effort to replicate Coltrane's saxophone genius (on bagpipes) [xenzag, Nov 19 2022]

Rufus Harley https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmaicurzPb0
another attempt at a John Coltrane rendering [xenzag, Nov 19 2022]


       I can see the band of the Scots Guards playing "Never met a girl like you before". I can see kilts, bearskin hats and swing.   

       Having imagined it, I'm surprised it hasn't been done. [+].
pertinax, Nov 19 2022

       Yes. It is a surprise to me too.
xenzag, Nov 19 2022

       [+] Rufus Harley coulda done something with this.
a1, Nov 19 2022

       I think the jazzy sound of the saxophone is more to do with its reed than its body. The saxophone reed is related to clarinet reed and you can tell there is a connection between saxophone sound and clarinet sound. The "jazzy" aspect of saxophone style is mostly done by manipulation of the reed between the teeth and lips of the player. Now a bagpipes obviously has to use a different kind of reed because bagpipe stocks don't have teeth and lips, and this affects the tone. Scottish bagpipe chanters use a reed that is related to oboe reeds which partly gives the distinctive oboesque sound to the pipes.   

       As for the //synergie of the bagpipe's droning combined with the saxophone's characteristic jazzy sounds// you should listen to Fraser Fifield's work in this area.
pocmloc, Nov 19 2022

       [pocmloc], thanks for the FF pointer, never heard of him before. Listening to that album now. Ever listened to Rufus Harley?
a1, Nov 19 2022

       No I had not heard of Harley, thank you for the interesting interview.
pocmloc, Nov 19 2022

       (+) Nancy Drew And The Mystery Of The Overly Complicated Bong.   


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