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learn to play an instrument next time you have a broken leg
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A broken leg requires much rest and hopping around on a crutch. Why not use that rest time for some useful purpose, like learning how to play an instrument?

A flute has a line of holes in it, running up its shaft. (see link)
A crutch has a line of holes in it, running up its shaft.(see link)
Therefore a crutch can be used as a musical instrument, (with a bit of modification of course)

So, next time you have the misfortune to experience a broken leg, ask for an Ortho-Flute crutch.

xenzag, Apr 20 2009

flute http://www.woodbras...R+JAMES+RECITAL.jpg
[xenzag, Apr 20 2009]

crutch http://www.mobility...stable-Crutches.jpg
[xenzag, Apr 20 2009]

Reaching claw http://www.jansenme...s/T/t-205-2856.jpeg
[xenzag, Apr 21 2009]

Amputate it Bee-Releasing_20Jam-Filled_20Banjo_20Leg
Get one of these. [theleopard, Apr 21 2009]


       I have issues [xen] unless you are going for the sympathy vote and you are implying you have injured yourself. If that be the case + If not I'm not sure.
blissmiss, Apr 20 2009

       I've always thought there should be left- and right- handed (dexterous/sinister) versions of most wind instruments.   

       I once played French horn in a community orchestra where one of the horn players was missing several fingers on his left hand. He owned a "mirror image" instrument, custom fabricated, which he fingered with his right hand.
csea, Apr 21 2009

       No need for sympathy vote... I don't have a broken leg, just an old running injury. I was simply clowning around with a crutch (stupid Ian Anderson imitation) that was left in my office at work. We use it to open the windows, the catch being out of reach.   

       I suppose another idea would be a crutch with a "picking up claw" at the end of it. (link)
xenzag, Apr 21 2009

theleopard, Apr 21 2009


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