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Scan Line Pressure Washer Cart

Clean your driveway, one half centimeter at a time
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While cleaning the latest of my kids' “science experiments” off the driveway with the pressure washer, I noticed that it does a really good job of getting accumulated dirt and grime up when the nozzle is set to the tightest spray pattern. You can quite easily see the “clean marks” on the concrete everywhere that you've sprayed. Unfortunately, when the nozzle is set so narrowly, the target area of the driveway is miniscule, so it requires a lot of careful back and forth spraying in order to clean even a small area, and getting your whole driveway clean would probably take days.

One solution to this problem would be a small cart that would hold the pressure washer wand (and the washer body and assorted cables and hoses as well). The wand would be mounted in a rotating head on the cart, pointing straight down just a few inches from the surface.

As the cart moves slowly forward (powered by water pressure, naturally), the head that holds the wand would rapidly oscillate back and forth, sweeping the nozzle over a patch of the surface maybe a foot or so in width. The cart thus crawls across the driveway, leaving a clean strip of concrete behind it.

Once the cart reaches the end of the driveway, you simply turn it around. Repeat until your entire driveway is sparkling clean.

ytk, Aug 14 2013

Robotic Pool Cleaner http://www.backyard...bot-Turbo-T-Jet.htm
kinda like this, but designed for the driveway instead of underwater [Cedar Park, Aug 19 2013]


       This machine could easily be programmed to switch on and of in sequence, thus printing your message to the world on your drive way in cleanliness
zeno, Aug 15 2013

       Eat more chikn!
popbottle, Aug 15 2013

       proc clean(x,y)
aim_nozzel(x,y); squirt();

if is_dirty(x,y)

Dub, Aug 15 2013

       Forget wheeling the cart. A giant x-y track in the spirit of pen plotters would be much more fun to watch.
RayfordSteele, Aug 15 2013

       // printing your message to the world on your drive way //   

       "I am an ostentatious narcissistic idiot, with lots of money but no taste or common sense".
8th of 7, Aug 15 2013

       [bigsleep] - Large clean area - "This driveway is dirty. To clean the rest, call Powerwasherz 555-1234" - Large clean area
Cedar Park, Aug 19 2013


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