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Skipping Rope Broom

Take the hard work out of sweeping.
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A short section in the centre of a skipping rope is covered with soft broom bristles. Sweep the floor with barely more effort than is required for ordinary skipping.
spidermother, Jun 29 2006


       this wouldn't just sweep dirt away, it would fling it toward whatever wall was closest in the direction of travel. would be a good novelty gift, but not so great for actual sweeping.
tcarson, Jun 29 2006

       Excellent - would be perfect if a partner had the companion "skipping rope shovel" and they worked up a carefully choreographed routine. I'm a big fan of skipping ropes anyway so a natural +
xenzag, Jun 29 2006

       This sort of idea is why the hb exists. It makes me want to go and retract my buns from all those ok-ish ideas that I bunned because there was nothing wrong with them.
wagster, Jun 29 2006


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