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Scanning Tablet PC

Combine a scanner... with a tablet PC.
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I just hate it when I'm inking on my tablet and somebody hands me *ugh* a sheet of paper! J

ust so we're on the same page, when I say tablet PC I am talking about the "slate" style ones which are basically a computer contained entirely within the screen (not notebook style). Anyway, the idea is to build a scanner into the back of one. You could open a text-recognition program on the pc, set it on top of the paper you want to scan, and "raise" the text into the 21st century.

Obviously, there would be a screen protector on the back of the pc to prevent fingerprints, it could just hinge out of the way and maybe double as a stand to prop the computer up for reading.

DIYMatt, Jul 13 2009

Use the screen itself http://mobilemental...one-scanner-screen/
Great minds think alike - a lot of great ideas are already being worked on [neutrinos_shadow, Jul 14 2009]

Indutrial PC http://www.br-autom..._1=Industrial%20PCs
See anotation [dev45, Jul 16 2009]


       nifty, but how is it going to work ?
FlyingToaster, Jul 13 2009

       You replace the back panel of the tablet with a regular paper scanner, like the one on my scanner/printer combo at home. You would have to shrink it to match the size of the tablet and then make the internal components thinner, but I think it could be done and still keep the thickness at 1/2 inch or less. There is already plenty of software that can recognize text vs pictures and create a word/onenote document out of it.
DIYMatt, Jul 14 2009

       I notice that some modern tablets have cameras in them, much as many modern mobile telephones do. I wonder if some clever optics would allow the same CCD to be used to capture the contents of a document as is used to take photographs of the idiot that crashed into your back bumper.
vincevincevince, Jul 14 2009

       My cell phone has a camera that will OCR a business card (quite well, actually). There's no reason the solution couldn't be scaled up.
phoenix, Jul 14 2009

       Yep. The camera solution is the way to go, in my view. I've taken pics of documents & posters with my camera phone and then read them on my tablet - or even connected up to projector and annotated them for the audience.
Jinbish, Jul 14 2009

       //You would have to shrink it(scanner) to match the size of the tablet//
so if you had a 5x7" tablet then you'd need a way of holding the paper a few inches above the scanning surface... complex despite the shiatsu of flat tablet combined with flat scanner (also potentially combined with flat printer)
FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2009

       5x7" Tablet most I've worked with have 17" screens   

       Tablet not = net book
dev45, Jul 14 2009

       //Tablet not = net book// no clue, I have neither (I'm posting on a machine that has a handcrank on the front (ok, not really but pretty close))
FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2009

       It took some finding, but I knew I'd heard of something like this before (the link isn't exactly the one I'd met previously).
The screen itself is used as the scanning face, giving (of course) only a screen-res scan.
<Aside> [dev45] - a 17" slate-style tablet? I had trouble finding the 12.1" Fujitsu that I have; most available at the time were 10" or so. </a>
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 14 2009

       Ok fine.   

       I admit defeat   

       I have worked with 17 tablet monitors apparently they have not made it down the line yet Is I figured they would have by now we were installing them on print presses 2 years ago for peat sake.   

       flat screen touch and full X86 pc inside 3/4-1" thick used them for the control systems. ran a little slow if loaded with windows (we tried) but ran the control stuff like a dream Found them changed a little but mostly the same cant find the thin client ones we used but vary similar   

       ok I started looking 12.1 is standard but Fujitsu is making a nice line of 13.1" in convertible and 12.1 slate types.
dev45, Jul 16 2009

       Yep. I've had a Fujitsu P series tablet for about 4 years. It's the bees knees, as it were, and it's screen is 8.9in.
Jinbish, Jul 16 2009

       keep on taking the tablets...
po, Jul 16 2009


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