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Word Processor Chewing Gum
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Pop a stick of smart gum in your mouth. Chew and subvocalize. Punctuate by touching your tongue to various teeth. Spit it out onto a piece of smart paper, where it will download what it picked up to the paper, which will proceed to develop into a document. Useful for writing during meetings.

This will take a few more iterations of Moore's Law :-), but there are some very small chips out there ( for example, Dr Usami at Hitachi ULSI and his "powder LSI"). Combined with microMEMS, micropower, smart mote networks, and lots of other BS handwaving buzzwords, you could milk investors for years ...

And of course, in the magic age of nanotechnology, the gum itself will form into the paper. Letter size for American subvocalizations, A4 for Euro subvocalizations.

keithl, Dec 08 2004




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