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Scented Subway Turnstiles

Subway turnstyles that emit a fresh scent with each turn.
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Sometimes things just don't smell fresh especially when you get on the subway. That's where we can add more uses to our turnstyles. The turnstyles can be made to emit a gentle mist, with each turn. The busier the subway the more the turnstyles will be used, and the fresher the air. Aromatherapy scents can be used like orange scents especially in the morning when commuters are groggy to energize them. More calming scents will be used as people are leaving for home.

You can pick the turnstyle that you want to go through if you want energizing, calming, or you just like the scent of lilac. Also, there can be non spraying turnstyles, if you don't want to be sprayed, or the unscented deodorizing turnstyle, if you feel you need to freshen up.

Scented Turnstyles can be used in amusement parks, or in sports venues. They'd be especially useful at large soccer events to help prevent hooliganism, and calm large crowds.

wood_smoked, Aug 17 2003


       This would make hand stamping unnecessary.   

       This would also be great for doggie doors.
wombat, Aug 17 2003

       I would even go as far to ask for just plain old scented subways, subway platforms, scented homeless guys who hang out on subway platforms...
JimmyPiper, Aug 18 2003

       Also flavored hand rails.
Amos Kito, Aug 18 2003

       No thanks. I don't want to wade through some headache-inducing oily miasma every morning and evening cheers.
my face your, Aug 18 2003

       Menthol in winter (and free paper hankies).   

       I like the idea but am not sure if I trust British Rail (or it's privatised equivalent) to beneficially manipulate my moods. Up till now they have only succeeded in producing frustration, despair, rage and nausea (not strictly a mood, I know, but must be included due to frequency of occurance).
squeak, Aug 18 2003


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