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Scentless Aromatherapy

Peppermint ups productivity Gardenia causes people to use happier words when typing What if one atom different versions of these scents are aromaless yet affect cognition plus behavior
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Room freshener odors are p e cu l i a r they are often pleasant yet noticeable

Peppermint is published as upping productivity Gardenia has been presented at a conference as causing people to use happier words when typing

What if one atom different versions of these scents are aromaless yet affect cognition plus behavior

This seems possible as pheremones are published as causing 3 to 7 times as much affectionate physical touch yet are odorless Pheremones are associated with the vemoronasal organ which differs from the scent receptors

Anyway I think creating a bunch of versions of the scientifically peer reviewed aromas that affect mood or behavior that are scentless then testing them to see if the cause bahavior changes would create beneficial new chemicals or techno treats

Thus we have to ask, is there a scent neutralizing group that may be attached to any molecule to make it scentless One hint are those 1 milliliter air scent blockers that supposedly remove all room odors whatever they are, just attach them to noted aroma chemicals then measure the behaviors I think I have previously read that they are multibranched glycols Febreze is a branched alcohol a tiny glance online suggests the possibility that polyphenols may be deodorizing as well

a physiologically beneficial antioxidant polyphenol possibly natural from plants attached to peppermint oil or gardenia oil may cause higher productivity plus happier mood absent detectable scent

beanangel, Jul 12 2010

published study of human pheremones http://athenainstit...elinks/sfsuabs.html
their other product quadruples touch behaviors [beanangel, Jul 12 2010]


       which scentless aroma ups punctu a tion. ? therenowthatisbetter
dentworth, Jul 12 2010

       I thought this was going to be a way to debunk aromatherapy (I mean, pulleeeez) by removing the odorant or masking it so that you could do proper controlled studies. On the other hand, the only affects of "aromatherapy" are probably simple but deep-seated mood effects caused by the odour itself, so that would be a bit of a dead end.   

       A few technical points: as far as I know, human pheromones have never been convincingly demonstrated, except by companies selling them for various dubious porpoises; and deodorizing chemicals generally work by reacting with complex aromatic [in the chemical as well as olfactory sense] molecules and breaking them.   

       So, I'm pretty sure that if you "deodorised" odourants, it would become chemically meaningless. I'm also pretty sure that if you created odourless analogues of the scent molecules, they would have no effect but they would also be very different molecules, so you'd prove nothing.   

       Much much easier experiment: test "aromatherapy" on people with total anosmia.   

       Finally, I'd like a "U" please, Bob.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 12 2010

       we should research...
FlyingToaster, Jul 12 2010

       // What if one atom different versions of these scents are aromaless yet affect cognition plus behavior //   

       Like, pehaps, Sarin ?
8th of 7, Jul 12 2010

       //thus we have to ask// why is there 1 comma there?
xandram, Jul 12 2010

pocmloc, Jul 12 2010

       I think you can snort lidocaine or something similar to produce temporary anosmia. People who are totally anosmic for other reasons would probably be a motley bunch with other things wrong, and difficult to study.   

       An analogous study would be to see if the calming effect of pink paint still worked for people wearing green glasses.
bungston, Jul 12 2010

       Damn, I thought this would be homeopathic aromatherapy.
mouseposture, Jul 13 2010

       I'm prejudiced against aromatherapy in the manner it's usually practiced. Other people might describe that prejudice as scepticism.   

       As it happens, my wife is anosmic, but you have to think about why. If it's due to rhinitis, there's a barrier between the volatiles and the internal environment. If it arises from, say, Parkinson's or dementia, the situation might be different. If they get through the blood-brain barrier via the olfactory nerves and there's a problem with them, they can't enter it by the same route.   

       They're generally antimicrobial, rubefacient and stimulate leucocytosis, and that's how i use them mainly. I don't know what aromatherapists use them for but i suspect they have a psychological approach. Since they do get through the blood-brain barrier, it wouldn't be surprising to me if they did something. I kill athlete's foot with them or deal with otitis media.   

       However, all of this is beside the point because medicine which doesn't work is often better than medicine which does, which is a point which i think everyone on both sides tends to miss. Alternative therapists tend to claim their stuff works, but whether it works is not really the important thing.   

       And as you know, i wanted to be a lumberjack.
nineteenthly, Jul 13 2010

       Kiss of death, by the way. See?
nineteenthly, Jul 13 2010

       //a point which i think everyone on both sides tends to miss// I think the biomedical research establishment is starting to catch on. And I think allopathic physicians have made pragmatic use of the fact for a long time.
mouseposture, Jul 13 2010

       // allopathic physicians //   

       Regrettably, these still seem to be outnumbered by psychopathic physicians ...
8th of 7, Jul 13 2010

       Sod it, you people annotated after me! Whoops, sorry, wrong idea.
nineteenthly, Jul 13 2010


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