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Scheduled Mail

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We always go through situation where we have to send mail on specific date time. Say there is a meeting on specific date time. What about sending reminder to your team members via mail 2 hours before the meeting? And that will be done by your email client or server itself.
prashant, Oct 04 2005

(?) Mail To The Future http://www.mailtothefuture.com/
Just what you described, as a free web service. [+] because *every* mail client should do this. [land, Oct 05 2005]

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       hi [prashant], and welcome. Outlook (with Exchange server) lets you schedule email to be dispatched at a future date. And also has 'handy' pop-up reminders for meetings (not via email, but on-screen) you could easily write a VBA script to do exactly what you want on that platform.
neilp, Oct 04 2005

       Yes, because we all know that moving a feature from a product owned by Microsoft to a service owned by google "decorporatises" it.   

       Seriously, I'd expect any calendaring software that manages meetings at all to support this - it's trivial to implement and a really basic feature.   

       On Unix systems, check out "at", "cron", "crontab" for a general mechanism for doing things at a certain time.
jutta, Oct 04 2005

       Yep, Outlook already does that.   

       Hey look at that! I've got a meeting in fifteen minutes! better get my notes ready. (clicks snooze-remind two minutes before meeting, goes back to typing annotation)   

       You can set up private appointments with yourself as the only attendant, too, if you require personal reminders.   

       Sorry, [-] for being fully baked already.
Freefall, Oct 04 2005


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