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School bus safety device

Passing a stopped school bus can kill children, so the bus must send a deterrent
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A safe but effective deterrent to a vehicle passing a stopped school bus would be a robotically launched bean bag, harmless but the impact would be a major wake up warning.
molecat, Oct 17 2018


       The bean bag cannons would be affixed to the bus like the guns on the tank near the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade <paging 8th for specifics> and the beanbags would be on a string so that they can be sucked back into the cannonmouth for reuse.
calum, Oct 17 2018

       Let's distract poor drivers who are at that very moment driving past school buses.
Voice, Oct 20 2018

       Wouldn't it be better to stun the child with the bean bag if it looks like they're heading into traffic?
not_morrison_rm, Oct 20 2018


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