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Scooter that is also a portable generator
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OK here’s another idea for the recreational vehicle industry. An gas/electric hybrid scooter (think Cushman, Vespa, or Honda Helix) that doubles as a 4KW portable generator. This product is both quiet electric powered around town/campground transportation and a 12/120/220v power supply for A/C and other RV needs. When the unit runs low on fuel in camp, simply drive it to the gas station for a fill up – no need to lug gas cans or unhook and drive the RV. It’d be easy to carry on the back of an RV in a standard scooter carrier. Could even be three-wheeled for people needing a self balancing scooter. Million dollar idea?
whozwat, Nov 07 2007

ENV fuel cell motorcycle http://www.envbike.com/
[MisterQED, Nov 08 2007]


       Connecting an inverter to a motor vehicle's battery? In this case the motor vehicle is a scooter. Hardly qualifies as a new idea in my book.
Texticle, Nov 08 2007

       Baked in the best way, see link for ENV motorcycle. Though hydrogen is tough to find, I love the portable fuel cell.
MisterQED, Nov 08 2007


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