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Suck Scrabble tiles back into the bag.
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If you play Scrabble on a deluxe set where the squares all have raised edges, there's no quick way to slide the tiles off the board back into the bag when you're done. You have to pick them up one by one. The letter bag should come with a vacuum hose attachment that you just pass over the board and suck the letters off it to prepare for the next game.
phundug, Aug 28 2008

Unscrabble http://www.askoxfor...abblerules/?view=uk
See final paragraph. Make removing the tiles into a game, at least until the ScrabbleVac goes on sale. [imaginality, Aug 29 2008]

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l c e l e x n e

       You massive cheat! Why have you got eight letters left? <throws board across room>
This is worse than when we play Monopoly! <storms upstairs>
I HATE YOU!! <slams door>
theleopard, Aug 28 2008

       Love those lazy-susan boards. The vac would be the ultimate in scrabble luxury.
wagster, Aug 28 2008

       Aw crap.
I'll never hear the end of it, and you just know he'll be checking my sleeves every five minutes at the poker game tonight.

       Wear a short-sleeved shirt. And next time, try using the "Hey, what's that?" ploy to distract him.   

       This idea really sucks. And thank you for letting me be the first to say that.   

       All you really need is a bigger bag. Or one that stretches enough to envelop the board.   

       How about the new Hasbro Scrabble Funnel? For only $29.99 (plus S&H) you'll get a sheet of genuine paper imprinted with an approved copy of the Scrabble logo. On the reverse side there are assembly instructions on how to bend it into a funnel shape and where to staple it (stapler and staples not included, unless you buy the Deluxe Edition, only $59.99 plus S&H). Simply place the small end of the funnel into the tile bag and tilt your board over the wider end.
Canuck, Aug 28 2008

       This is what Unscrabble was invented for. You take it in turns to remove between 1 and 6 tiles from the board (the remaining words on the board have to still spell out legitimate words). You score the face value of the letters you pick up.   

       E.g. with   


       you could remove 'ailing', or 'ing', or 'seat', or 'eat' and 'ing'...   

       At the end of the game, all the letters are off the board, and you're ready for your next game of Scrabble!
imaginality, Aug 29 2008

       The bag itself was the most brilliant Scrabble innovation. Why did it take so long to invent it?
ldischler, Aug 29 2008

       If each space on the board was hinged and interconnected all of the pieces could just drop through the gameboard onto Canuck's funnel to be auto bagged...and I wouldn't have to spend TWenty MINUTES LOOKING FOR THEM ALL when SOMEBODY wants to quit 'cause he's losing!   


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