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Scrabble Fail Dictionary

Words that don't qualify for scrabble
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This is a dictionary of all the words that don't qualify for scrabble but really should, like nurby, qualk, etc.
JesusHChrist, Mar 23 2016

Baked, sans scrabble. https://en.wikipedi...The_Meaning_of_Liff
And Douglas Adams issued two books of them! [selenio, Mar 24 2016]


       I should quizzify which potential words have the highest point values and start using them frequently to quixhotrize them into the language.
RayfordSteele, Mar 23 2016

       Kept reading this as "Scrabble Fall Dictionary" and that had me very confused. After figuring out what you were *really* saying, I guess I have to give you a bunnet. (Falled word).
blissmiss, Mar 24 2016

       Scrabble Spring Dictionary ?
popbottle, Mar 24 2016

       Our family score pad for scrabble registers several of such words, but in spanish. If the definition makes sense or makes laughs, the word tends to become usable without much fizz. Also, baked precisely in the form of a dictionary, by Douglas Adams (link).
selenio, Mar 24 2016


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