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ScreenSaver proximity feature

a software that uses the webcam to detect the presence of a user in order to turn off the screen saver
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this is because I hate the 2-7 seconds I have to stare at a black screen every time I turn back to my computer.

oh, and isn't the movement of the mouse or a keystroke more like violent?: "I'm here, I know you can't see me, so I'll just hit one of your keys, or something, so you know"

the software can also use an image database in order to recognise the presence of the user in a two-three meter range, and if he approaches (his image is getting larger) the screensaver stops, if he turns away and departs, then the screensaver starts running.

it's highly useful in large offices, especially when it comes to privacy issues

sweet, Aug 15 2004

WebCam Monitor v4.10 http://www.deskshare.com/wcm.aspx
Turn your PC and Camera into a Video Security and Surveillance System. [BJS, Apr 21 2007]

How to make it turn off your screen saver http://www.deskshar...pingMonitoring.aspx
Insructions. [BJS, Apr 21 2007]


       What if you have a fan spinning behind you? It'd never turn off.. I'd just set the power saving option in most OS's "turn monitor off after [] hours/minutes" to be longer than you're actually gone.   

       If you have an extra optical USB mouse u could put one by the door u can kick when u enter the room, that'd work too.
tommo, Aug 15 2004

       You can turn your screen saver off, you know...   

       (With screens these days, other than giant plasma screens, they really aren't much use.)
DrCurry, Aug 15 2004

       Sure it's possible, but there are simpler solutions to your problem.
5th Earth, Aug 15 2004

       Yeah, but complicated solutions to easy problems are half of what the 'bakery is about.
thumbwax, Aug 16 2004

       Oh. I thought this was going to be something different. [throws croissant in the air, goes to post idea]
st3f, Aug 16 2004

       I suppose [5th] wouldn't be such kind as to share one of those solutions with the bakery... I liked the idea, btw..
streetlights, Aug 19 2004

       Even better if it turns the screen saver ON when it detects you, then refuses to turn it off.
finflazo, Aug 19 2004

       baked - some Point Of Sale machines I've written software for have this feature.   

       NCR makes Win2K PCs that are simply a touch screen monitor and keyboard with all PC parts inside. There is a motion sensor on the bottom part of the monitor. The driver for it automatically closes the screensaver and prompts for the password if applicable.   

       I could make a USB one for cheap methinks!
eauto, Aug 19 2004

       Some basic edge detection and head identification would surfice. Maybe check once every 50% of the screensaver timeout. This way, it doesn't take much resources, and if you just happen to step away right at the screensaver timeout, and can still stay open for you by resetting the timeout a little more often. Bun!
ironfroggy, Apr 21 2007


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