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Scrub-a-Dub Spud Gloves

peels skin and gouges eyes
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Make scrubbing and peeling carrots and potatoes a cinch. Scrub-a-Dub Spud Gloves are made of stretch polyester covered with thousands of tiny barbs and even sport two sharp “thumbnails” for easy eye and spot removal.

Pull them on, tighten the Velcro straps, wet the vegetable and scrub away. Like rough sandpaper, your abrasive hands will scrape off potato skins faster and safer than any peeler.

FarmerJohn, May 27 2004

Baked (Pun) http://www.metacafe...ick_potato_peeling/
(Oh, BTW, I take exception at people assuming I need a scrub) [Dub, Jul 02 2006]

Potato Peeling Glove (1998) http://www.tdctrade...mag/1998/e9802n.htm
Abrasive pads in finger and palm areas. [jutta, Jan 22 2007]

Tater Mitts http://www.tatermitts.com/
Abrasive blue nubbles. [jutta, Mar 15 2007]

Flash game: Peeling a potato. http://www.compfused.com/directlink/798/
4:17. I suck. [jutta, Mar 15 2007]

WiReD reviews tatermitts. http://blog.wired.c...eview-tatermit.html
Hard to clean, disintegrating. [jutta, Aug 01 2007]


po, May 27 2004

       Ha ha, "grate!". Still chuckling about that, [Po]. And by the way, this idea is sssss-mashing.
spacemoggy, May 27 2004

       How do you get them off again without flaying yourself?
DrBob, May 27 2004

       Would these have a market in the S&M world?
dobtabulous, May 27 2004

       [DrBob] A small tab at each fingertip should facilitate removal.   

       [dobtabulous] A facial for Potato Head the masochist?
FarmerJohn, May 27 2004

       Another gem from [FJ]. Suggest that you use steel mesh gloves, similar to butcher's safety gloves, for longevity. The outer edges of all links in the palm and finger pad areas could be 'sharpened'. Actually the 'sharpening' wouldn't have to be at all extreme - even a 90 degree sharp angle on those links would be sufficient to abrade the skin from veqetables - and so the gloves would be entirely safe to handle.   

       ConsulCorp will market the handy dishwasher gizmo that holds these gloves for ease of cleaning!!
ConsulFlaminicus, May 29 2004

       I've been looking for something like this for a long time - I'm very au gratinful for this idea.
normzone, Apr 27 2005

       Was there ever such an item as Scrub-a-Dub Spud Gloves? If so who actually made it?
jrszabo, Jul 02 2006

       No. This site, the halfbakery, is a forum where users post poorly thought-out, original, ideas for inventions. But if you read it here first, and there's no link to somewhere else with someone saying "hey, this exists", chances are it doesn't exist. (It's hard to prove that it really doesn't exist - the evidence for that is at best sour cream stantial.)   

       [Jan 22 2007] In the last three days, email traffic about this has picked up. Someone is trying to sell this kind of thing via late-night infomercials - anyone have a product name? A correspondent writes "The commercial showed someone w/green rubber gloves rubbing a potato between their hands under the faucet. There was nothing mentioned about anything that would get rid of the eyes on the potato." I don't know whether this has anything to do with the linked-to glove from 1998 (!), or is a separate product.   

       [Mar 14 2007] A correspondent reports that "tater mitts" infomercials are running on TV, and it has the green gloves under faucet shots people were describing. Mystery solved!
jutta, Jan 15 2007

       I saw an infommercial from Japan recently. They weren't really marketing an invention *for* but rather a method *of* peeling spuds. They boiled them in their skins, plonked em in a bowl of iced water, scored around the middle with a sharp knife and then slipped the skins off. Seems rather complicated to me. I want some spud gloves. Could also be used for other thin-skinned vegetables!
squeak, Mar 15 2007

       It's as if some weird skin disease had broken out, isn't it?   

       squeak, the video behind Dub's first link is a popular ("viral") Japanese video for peeling potatoes by blanching; I'm guessing that's what you saw?
jutta, Mar 15 2007


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