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Sea Glass Bottles

Reused bottles, sand blasted clean.
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After a while reused glass bottles look pretty bad but that is because they don't look as shiny as they are supposed to look, but if you change that paradigm (90's buzz word) and sand blast the hell out of them, they look artistic while having most of the germs and crap taken off at high pressure.

It's a bit more effort than just washing them but it is a lot less energy than melting them down again. And when they do start to have defects, then you can melt them down. It's not like the sand will hinder your glass making.

sartep, Oct 26 2004

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       "It's a bit more effort than just washing them but it is a lot less energy than melting them down again." - you sure about that?
DrCurry, Oct 26 2004

       Yeah, I'm pretty sure that a high pressure wash of sand is less energy than heating the glass to temperatures of around 1400 degrees F.
sartep, Oct 26 2004

       Oh, but they'd be so fragile.
bristolz, Oct 26 2004

       Actually, if you broke the bottles then tumbled the shards smooth, I'd buy them. Oh, wait, I aleady did, from someone else.
DrCurry, Oct 26 2004

       Some of those glass bottles are pretty thick and I'm only talking about a sanding just enough to take off the dirt and frost the glass. I see this working for a maximum of 5 washings.
sartep, Oct 26 2004

       I like this. I'm imagining a 6 pack of beer with each bottle being a bit different - a few clear, a few brown, and a green. All sandblasted and different shapes. Company logo painted on or masked (smooth), or perhaps no labeling - brand name on box and cap.
Worldgineer, Nov 01 2004


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