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sleeping bag/ciggie filter

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Just a quickie, turns out that sleeping bags filling and the ciggie filters are made out the same stuff.

I propose that ciggie filters get their own recycle bin, and people can make their own sleeping bags.

Presumably putting them through a washing machine might be for those of a delicate nose, while the more macho can get Old Tar barrel ( suitable for resurfacing roads).

Not a single butt joke, I must be getting boring

not_morrison_rm, Sep 08 2020

The Last Smoking Seagoon http://www.thegoons...ast_smoking_seagoon
The appaling story of the unprincipled and exploitative Imperial Ascot Tobacco Company [8th of 7, Sep 09 2020]

New Scientist https://www.newscie...icks/#ixzz6Xe7twg8Y
Birds use cigarette butts for chemical warfare against ticks [not_morrison_rm, Sep 10 2020]

Nature, got to be amazed https://www.instagram.com/p/CAFvIWLFUz1/
Trial and error is always hard at work. [wjt, Sep 13 2020]


       In related news several birds use cigarette butts in their nests, as they tend to kill parasites.
Voice, Sep 08 2020

       Better yet; just stop manufacturing cigarettes completely, and use the material fresh to make sleeping bags.
I'm at a loss to understand how tobacco companies are still around. Yes, other things will kill you just as effectively as cigarettes, but the vast majority ALSO have a benefit (the killing is an unfortunate occasional side-effect). Cigarettes (etc) kill you slowly; that's all they do. End them all.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 08 2020

       Yeah, sorry... my anno should have finished with an "</end rant>" tag...
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 09 2020

       The question isn't whether cigarettes are good, or whether people should use them. The question is whether the government should forbid them. My own answer is a resounding "no", and not just because I enjoy the occasional cigar.   

       Firstly, prohibition doesn't work in general.   

       Secondly, we already have way too many items the government tries to stop us from having or using.   

       Thirdly, laws against tobacco are particularly unenforceable. Weed anyone?
Voice, Sep 09 2020

       What [Voice] said.   

       Governments should not interfere in people doing stupid self-harmful things, as long as they harm only themselves.   

       Ban smoking in places where others are forced to inhale it? Yes.   

       Ban smoking in private ? No.   

       Where does it stop ? Ban barbecues because the pyrolysed hydrocarbons in the smoke are actually more dangerous than tobacco ...?
8th of 7, Sep 09 2020

       Lowering availability and increasing the end cost of certain types of tobacco (cigarettes for instance) has shown to reduce smoking. On the other hand, lowering cost and increasing availability for certain international markets (Kim Jong in North Korea springs to mind) may have a desired opposite effect.
whatrock, Sep 09 2020

       I think that if you used a sleeping bag as the filter of a cigarette, the cigarette would be unwieldily humungous. You would probably have to use a mechanical suction plant to suck it, and the exhaust from the suction machine would be quite dangerous for the smoker i.e. they would be blasted by a prodigious cloud of smoke piped directly into their lungs. They might even inflate a little. The business end of the monstrous cigarette would also be something of a fire hazard.
pocmloc, Sep 09 2020

       Prior Art (and classic comedy) <link>   

       SEAGOON: [Over orch.] "Thank you [sucks] I say, this cigarette’s all filtered with a tobacco tip"
8th of 7, Sep 09 2020

       Ahem.. Birds use cigarette butts for chemical warfare against ticks linky
not_morrison_rm, Sep 10 2020

       They'd better hope the UN weapons inspectors don't find out ...
8th of 7, Sep 10 2020

       A glancing bit of partial knowledge is that there is a species fungi that can digest the cigarette butt. Not what is wanted in an unprotected environment sleeping bag.   

       Clean collection is a large behavioural hill to climb.
wjt, Sep 13 2020


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