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SearchLight GPS

project GPS data onto the 'real world'
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Current GPS-based auto-navigation systems are limited because of the often small 'mini map' screen. Even voice-enhanced variants can be confusing if the robotic-sounding directions are not clear enough.


Have you ever seen a shopping mall or a car dealership use a search light to promote some special 'event'? You can see it for miles away. GPS should work like that!

Instead of looking at a tiny screen, the GPS system simulates a giant shining 'searchlight' as it would look if it were placed at your destination address.

To further assist you, the system would present the illusion to the driver that all the streets necessary to reach the destination were a special color; no more need to listen to 'turn right at next intersection .. blah blah' ... all you need to do is follow the (user configurable favorite color)-brick road.

drefty, Jul 14 2006

Augmented reality http://www.tinmith.net/
Totally bitchin' proof of concept renders idea preheated if not baked. [methinksnot, Jul 17 2006]


       way to advanced, but cool would be a projection on your windsheild that would show the road with a red line on it, thus all you have to do in follow that projected line trough all your turns.-the unrealistic part is that all roads and turns would have to be scanned from the point of view of a vehicle at an average height off the road. This would be needed to account for curves and slopes.
tatmkr, Jul 14 2006

       I love the idea, but it doesn't really seem to clear to me how you will project the light or color or "present the illusion" of doing so.
James Newton, Jul 17 2006

       I have to assume [drefty] is talking about an in-car HUD (heads-up display) where these 'real-world' alterations are presented just to you, the user, rather than forcing you to pick out your destination searchlight from the tens of thousands of others all weaving drunkenly home from the pubs.
lurch, Jul 17 2006

       Hm, which Asimov book has a scene where a traveller upon arrival on Trantor is asked to follow a colored line?
jutta, Jul 18 2006

       Gaal Dornick in "Foundation".   

       "A thin line of light formed along the floor, twisting among others..."   

       "'Follow the light. The ticket will keep glowing as long as you're pointed in the right direction.'"
lurch, Jul 18 2006


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