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Season Engine

Much like 2 fries idea
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An engine that also uses the expansion of ice and the melting of water to move a wankel engine however it uses the changes of the seasons for one full piston cycle. Thus allowing rather massive objects to be moved and each lurch forward would take a year making it some really massive timepiece.
sartep, Nov 11 2004

Much like this. http://www.halfbake...allization_20Engine
[sartep, Nov 11 2004]


       Code name: Peppermill.
bristolz, Nov 11 2004

       Very like 2 Fries' idea. [m-f-d] echo?
david_scothern, Nov 11 2004

       I don't think it's an echo. Mine is trying to make a motor that runs continuously in winter, this looks more like it would be geared towards building Stonehenge or something equally monolithic.   

       [2 fries] meant "multilithic".
hippo, Nov 11 2004

swamilad, Nov 11 2004

       How about using a few of these in parallel to push a glacier back up a mountain?
stupop, Nov 11 2004

       If Mohammad can not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammad...as soon as he finishes building the seasonal engine which will uproot it and push it across the plains over the next twelve centuries.

I think I meant menolithic.

       Even 'trilithons'.
angel, Nov 12 2004

       spaghetti, oops I'm in the wrong idea (sorry)
skinflaps, Nov 12 2004


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