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Seasonal Venetian Blinds

Seemingly obvious combination of windowscreen technology.
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I was reflecting on the venetian blinds in my bathroom. One feature that I enjoy about them is that they can be adjusted to reflect the light onto the ceiling completely changing the ambiance of the room and providing a pleasant "mid summer eve" feeling to the room at mid day. I reflected that a mirrored blind would amplify this effect although maybe somewhat harshly then it occurred to me that a hybrid blind could be constructed that would allow for all the features that i desired. This blind would use a reflective coating on the convex side to reflect light into the room while providing privacy, and, when facing outward, reject radiant summer heat. On the concave side a dark radiating absorbent finish would be applied. This surface would face outside in the winter to absorb radiation while the reflective side bounced heat back into the room. The intermediate settings would represent a high degree of adjustability for transparency, reflection and indirect lighting.

Cheers and greetings from Northern North Americas where we still await the arrival of the sun.

WcW, Apr 14 2009

+ great idea- some people are thinking similar thoughts... http://images.googl...%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG
[xandram, Apr 15 2009]


       Cheers and greetings for such a great idea. I'm still picturing it in my head but the name is wonderful.
blissmiss, Apr 14 2009

       What a blinder! Ahem... +
silverstormer, Apr 14 2009

       I have seen blinds with mirrored finishes, thus your idea is half-baked. :)   

       More seriously, you'll need a way to adjust your blinds so that each slat can make a full 360 degree turn.   

       The blinds on my windows can only have an approximately 180 degree range of motion.
goldbb, Apr 14 2009

       [goldbb], I think they'd actually only need a 180 turn, and most blinds already do that. In the summer they'd angle one way, and in the winter they'd angle the other.
gisho, Apr 14 2009

       The house that I live in is on piles and a wooden lattice is built to close off the gap to the ground. I have been mulling over the idea to replace the lattice with a rotating slats as to control air flow in the seasons. This reflective/absorbent surface idea takes the idea to a new level., thanks.
wjt, Apr 14 2009


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