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Seat Back Kicker Warning System

A tough to ignore alert system
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Some people can ignore or not notice a car’s warning lights. Some can even ignore or just not hear an audible alarm. Ignoring a vehicles warning devices can lead to serious consequences.

Ever notice that the one thing that seems impossible to ignore is someone kicking the back of your seat in a car or on an airplane?

The more critical of the alerts provided by a car’s instrument panel could not be so easily ignored if an alert system was built in to the driver’s seat that would jolt the back of the seat and create uncomfortable lumps in the cushion behind the driver’s back.

The system would consist of a five-year-old-child sized mannequin that is buckled in to the rear seat and uses it’s mechanical legs to impart physical blows to the back of the driver’s seat.

half, May 08 2003

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       Oh. I was hoping this was some way to vaporize the little brat sitting behind me on the plane.
DrCurry, May 09 2003

       Remove belt, hold hand in air, make fist, extend middle finger, retract middle finger, wrap belt around fist, shake fist.
thumbwax, May 12 2003

       I had pictured an array of evil-looking weaponry that emerged from the seat back, swivelling as it sprang out and locking onto the terrified five year old who had just made the mistake of kicking my seat. Your idea is better and more original.
wagster, Sep 16 2005

       How right you are. The level of irritation it creates is, however, perhaps not conducive to good driving.
It usually resulted in me driving with one hand behind my seat gripping the legs of the kicking small child.

       Thankfully, said small child is now bigger and his legs now reach over the edge of the car seat and bend downwards. I still get the odd thump from idly swinging legs but not that constant pressure and lumps from smaller child bracing his legs against the back of the drivers seat because it's just the right distance away for him to be able to do so.
squeak, Sep 16 2005

       Looks like Cadillac baked it. "A vibrating pulse patterns on the left and/or right side of the lower bolster" [read: sudden ass shaking] would certainly get my attention.
DIYMatt, May 30 2012

       So Caddy drivers performing an impromptu Samba is a sign of impending danger? What sort of danger? Earthquake? Terrorist attack? [The Alterother]?
Alterother, May 30 2012


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