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Secret fishbone contest

Don't bun this idea!
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One of the german national card games is Skat. In ordinary games the aim is to get as many points (at least 61 of 120) as possible to win the game. But there is an alternate mode of playing which gets active when none of the players wants to test their luck. This mode is called "Ramsch", and it aims at getting a minimum of points and forcing the opponents to take as much points as you can force down their throats.

And then there is a special result in Ramsch, called "Durchmarsch": when you manage to get all 120 points even if you were supposed to get as little as possible. You have to trick your opponents into believing that you are in bad luck or forced to some costly moves before they realize that you are in fact happily collecting all the cards which they are more than willing to give up to you.

I propose a similar contest for the halfbakery. Whoever manages to get the most fishbones for their idea wins. There may be no bun for the idea, though, so that the obvious refutability of the idea does not get obscured.

Of course, [Jutta] would have to publish at least the idea with the most fishbones but no buns which seems to oppose her policy of not giving us easy access to this kind of comparison. Now isn't that a good reason to fishbone this idea?

Toto Anders, Dec 18 2015

Right to Annotate 0 buns, 29 bones [ytk, Dec 19 2015]

Can-o-Spunk 0 buns, 24 bones [ytk, Dec 19 2015]


       Do you want trolls? 'Cause this is how you get trolls.   

       This is an excellent idea. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 18 2015

       //her policy of not giving us easy access to this kind of comparison//   

       seriously? Are you not aware of views?
mitxela, Dec 18 2015

       there are 204 double'n'half boned posts.
FlyingToaster, Dec 18 2015

       It's not hard to find out the most boned ideas with no buns. “Right to Annotate” is the current champion in that regard. Outside the Halfbakery category, the winner is “Can-o-Spunk”. Both ideas linked.
ytk, Dec 19 2015

       jutta doesn't have to do any f**king thing except scold me for swearing, idiot!
po, Dec 23 2015


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