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See through storage pegboard

Clear pegboard does not block out light
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I want to attach a pegboard, to hold tools, to my workbench and place the workbench in front of the windows in my workroom. The only place I have room to put the pegboard is in front of the windows and the moving windows and their frames disallow easily attaching the pegboard there. The standard opaque Masonite pegboard also blocks the needed light coming through the windows. I want a clear plastic, acrylic or plexiglass pegboard that will allow the light through. I can find multicolored plastic pegboard and hooks all over the place and but no translucent products -- thereby I will invent it, if it's not already baked
Sunstone, Feb 01 2007

Storage pegboard examples http://images.googl...&q=pegboard&spell=1
They come in just about every color and material but clear [Sunstone, Feb 01 2007]

I like the idea but they appear to be baked...or maybe bakelite. http://cgi.ebay.com...94700QQcmdZViewItem
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 02 2007]

You will perhaps need hooks as well no? http://www.azardisp...=176&idproduct=1158
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 02 2007]

Pre-drilled clear pegboard (found) http://www.jule-art...s.cfm?Category=1361
Thanks all for your direction [Sunstone, Feb 04 2007, last modified Feb 08 2007]

Pre-drilled clear (kinda) pegboard (found) http://www.northern...200320585_200320585
Translucent white polypropylene pegboard [Sunstone, Feb 08 2007]


       Now, I just need some translucent tools. But I can't seem to find them.
Ling, Feb 01 2007

       A Sheet of 12mm perspex, a ruler, a good drill, an old drill bit of the right (peg-compatible) diameter, and several hours. Not sure how this is an invention, but it wouldn't be that hard to make it yourself.   

       A word of advice: drilling perspex can be a right bugger, what with the bit gouging and tearing the plastic. My engineering thesis involved fabricating a rather complex perspex hopper arrangement, with many holes drilled in it. I was having all sorts of <expensive> dramas when the uni workshop fabricator noticed me in distress. He grabbed the drill, and proceeded to blunten the drill bit by drilling into the cement floor for a few seconds. After that I did not have any more blowouts with the drill bit. Point being, ruin the drill bit on some cement before trying to drill your hundred or so holes.
Custardguts, Feb 01 2007

       And drill s l o w l y. And don't breathe the fumes (cyanide).
angel, Feb 01 2007

       Or use a brad point bit, not a standard twist bit.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 01 2007

       A good hardware store can point you to a good drill bit for plastics - they are specially designed for the task.
shapu, Feb 01 2007

       If this ain't an invention (and i think it is) then it's an innovation. (+)
Jinbish, Feb 01 2007

       Thanks, [custardguts]. Not that I suffer from my drill collection, such as it is, being overly sharp, but clever trick to know.
normzone, Feb 08 2007


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