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See, Hear and Taste No Evil

In the tradition of Douglas Adams’ peril-sensitive glasses and the glorious babelfish
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The world is such a hideous, evil place. Why should we prematurely expose one to its many terrors? Let our young children enjoy a few years of blissful ignorance before the realities of life catch up to them.

Introducing the Ivory Tower Set™, comprising the Rose-Tinted Glasses, Censor’s Earplugs and Silver Spoon.

The Glasses, using sophisticated AR technology, will automatically filter out any gore, violence or sex.

The Earplugs, armed with sound identification heuristics, will prevent profanity from befouling one's ears.

Finally, through a combination of surface chemical coating and nanotech, the Silver Spoon sweetens everything you eat by removing any traces of bitterness or sourness.

With every purchase of the Ivory Tower Set™, you get a free Ostrich Set™, which helps adults filter out unpleasant individuals and unflattering remarks. Nirvana and tranquility is yours... for a price. So act now, while stocks last.

baboo, Apr 29 2002

AR = Augmented Reality http://www.augmented-reality.org/
bristolz, check it out here [baboo, Apr 29 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       "AR" technology?
bristolz, Apr 29 2002

       Characters in the film Donnie Darko suggest babies should be fitted with special goggles which continually project nice pleasant images into their eyes, thus stimulating the development of their memory and giving them a happier life. Of course, characters in the film Donnie Darko also take orders from a six foot high bunny rabbit with a metal face.
pottedstu, Apr 29 2002


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