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Seeing-Eye Tiger

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!
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Just because the three types famously go together, and so if two of them are used for a particular purpose (links), it seems reasonable to also include the third . One of these would definitely indicate a pedestrian trying to do something, and others should be careful not to interfere.

There is a known problem with large carnivorous animals, which is that they are generally difficult to tame and keep tamed. Well, there was a book I read long ago by Arthur C Clarke, "Dolphin Island", that described a technique for inserting electrodes into the pain centers of an animal's brain. When it misbehaves, press a button to remotely give it some pain, thereby telling the animal it should not misbehave in that particular manner. According to Clarke, the technique was actually tested and works well.

Vernon, Mar 09 2016

Lions Seeing_20Eye_20Lion
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Mar 09 2016]

Bears Guide_20bears
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Mar 09 2016]

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