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Seemore Key

add a twice size key to a computer key board
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Sometimes I have trouble determining if I have typed in an "i" or an "l" in those internet text boxes, like this one. When I use Quark, I can simply toggle: alt + command + mouse click to double the view size.

I want to be able to use this feature when typing in one of those puny annotation boxes, such as provided by (for example) intensedebate.com

This should be even simpler again though. I should be able to hit a simple "twice size" key, that does only that. I'm calling it the Seemore Key.

xenzag, Jun 21 2010

Apple: Screen Zoom http://docs.info.ap...10.4/en/mh1621.html
One way of doing this on a Mac [zen_tom, Jun 21 2010]

www:macworld.com: Trackpad Stuff http://www.macworld...aptop_trackpad.html
On one of those nice shiny multi-touch trackpads, there's a 2-finger+keyboard button action that lets you zoom the screen. - "Screen zooming: This option, which can also be used with a mouse, lets you hold down a modifier key (by default the control key) while swiping you hand up or down on the trackpad to zoom the entire display in or out. This can be a handy way of getting a closer look at images or hard to read text without resetting your display’s resolution." [zen_tom, Jun 21 2010]

MS Accessibility Options http://pcworld.abou...205p176id115065.htm
zoom [FlyingToaster, Jun 21 2010]

http://support.apple.com: Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1343
Turn On Zoom: Option-Command-8
or fn Command-F11
Zoom In : Option-Command-+
Zoom Out : Option-Command- - (minus) [zen_tom, Jun 21 2010]

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       I've got a graphics-card (antique Matrox G400) 2x zoom on a hot-key; as well Firefox has font-size on <Ctrl>+ and - . It's a good idea but it's already there.
FlyingToaster, Jun 21 2010

       I have the trackpad, but I disabled all of its advanced features, because I found them to be a pain. I really want the simplicity of a special, universal key.
xenzag, Jun 21 2010

       might check out M$ Windows' Accessibility Options.
FlyingToaster, Jun 21 2010

       [xenzag] it's not something I've tried before, but there may be a way to bind a script to a particular key combination - allowing a specific key combination (say Command+<Somekey>) to provide this functionality via the keyboard - let me investigate and I'll get back to you...I think the hard part would be determining the central point around which you want to zoom - it would be annoying if you wanted to zoom in on a specific field, but always ended up looking at the bottom-left of your screen and had to move the screen manually.   

       [edit] there is something like this already embedded under OSX - see link - the key combinations are a bit fiddly, but maybe could be remapped to something more memorable?
zen_tom, Jun 21 2010

       On Macs, it's not necessary to use 2-fingers + key; you can use a single two-finger gesture on the trackpad without any keys.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 21 2010

       [MB][21] The two-finger thing on Macs (which is wonderful) is specific to applications (my third party text editor doesn't reconize it, for example, but Apple's bundled browser and pdf-reader both do). So it's not very different from Opera, running on a PC, apparently, except that maybe on Macs more applications recognize the gesture (or more of them use some common library that does).
mouseposture, Jun 22 2010

       My mouse (a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000) has a button that, by default, is set up with a zooming function. It creates a small window that floats around the cursor and makes everything twice the size.
In No Particular Order, Jun 22 2010

       The best solution has been the simplest. ie command/alt/+   

       I only use Macs, so all the windows stuff is irrelevant. A separate key would still be useful, but thanks to all for the great solutions, esp Zen Tom for the detail.
xenzag, Jun 22 2010


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