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Shift-Space = Underscore

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It seems apparent that no matter what we do, there is going to be some corner of computerdom that does not want to deal with the spacebar as a legitimate character, leaving us with the lowly underscore to fulfill its linguistic clarification duties as a stand-in.

In lieu of the proper but impossible action, (completely redesigning the travesty that is the QWERTY layout), I propose that keyboard manufacturers start to map the underscore as a shift character to the spacebar.

RayfordSteele, Oct 08 2012


       Quite easy to remap a UTF codepage to do this.   

       Highly Bakeable and surprisingly useful.
8th of 7, Oct 08 2012

       But how will I enter a capital space?
theleopard, Oct 08 2012

       Use capslock, obviously.
RayfordSteele, Oct 08 2012

       Through the front door, after being cleared by security, is the usual method. Other options not approved.
normzone, Oct 08 2012

       Just make sure you take the capslock off after using it for a capital space. I'm so sick of seeing grammatically incorrect use of the capital space. The silent shouting of spaces gets annoying after a while.
not_only_but_also, Oct 10 2012

       Am I the only one who thinks capital space should map to an em space while lower case space maps to an en?   

       Otherwise, I like the idea.
MechE, Oct 10 2012

       omg keyboard-controlled kerning? brilliant extension!
smendler, Oct 12 2012

       Just don't try to enter your capital's airspace. They get highly annoyed when you do that.
RayfordSteele, May 09 2016

       I don't want to ruin your perfect bun record, but this would totally screw up anyone who wants to select an entire row in Excel, where shift-space is the shortcut to do so.
kevinthenerd, Nov 02 2016

       Oh. Right!! and here's your positive. I was hoping for a shift in the time/space continuum... but punctuation is important as well.
r_kreher, Nov 06 2016

       Or they could just eliminate the underscore all together. I use it, even here in my nom de bake, and also in my email. It's a pretty good gatekeeper. If people can't figure out the underscore, do I really want to be communicating with them??? (I don't think so.)
r_kreher, Nov 06 2016

       //while lower case space maps to an en?..//   

       Did you know that Google will be offering space maps next year??
r_kreher, Nov 06 2016


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