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Selective Cache

right click to delete history from specific forms
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I do many kinds of browsing. In some cases having form history is useful like when I use Dunn and Bradstreet to research companies. In this case I want to record my trails so I could reuse it later. But for other things like Google where I sometimes view 'irrelevant' content there may be a need to delete often. I know there is a blanket method to delete through the browser itself but if there was a feature were one could right click on a form box and select the option 'delete history from only this form or page' this would be useful.
nomadic_wonderer, Apr 06 2006

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       Tell us more about this 'irrelevant' content which it's so important to have deleted...
hippo, Apr 06 2006

       'irrelevant' content..... Let me explain.... the other day a coworker stormed into my office she quickly needed to get more information on 'Asian flu' unfortunately typing in the word Asian on the search form showed a completely different entry. That's what I mean by 'irrelevant' content.
nomadic_wonderer, Apr 06 2006

       does a coworker not spend most of their time out in the milking sheds?
xenzag, Apr 06 2006

       I'd probably forget to clean up after myself until it's too late - I'd rather have some way of entering and exiting a "stealth mode" where my inputs aren't hashed into the field autocompletion cache.
jutta, Apr 06 2006

       Good luck with that.   

       The feds are looking at everything anyway. TIA, Carnivore, Eschelon, or whatever name they're giving it today. Not to mention employers.
sophocles, Apr 06 2006


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