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Self-Extinguishing Candle VI

a stack of tea candles,
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in an empty toilet paper roll, or possibly something non-flammable. When the candle goes out, remove the aluminium skin and light the next one.
FlyingToaster, Jun 17 2014

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       We just went through an 8 hr blackout, thanks to an itinerant monsoon... there seems to be an inverse relationship between the number of miscellaneous charges on the electric bill and the delivery reliability of same.   

       Anyways, I lined an empty TP roll with aluminium foil and put in a stack of tea candles. Worked fine.
FlyingToaster, Jun 18 2014

       Should this one not have involved a modal, mouseless text editor?   

       See also:
Self-Extinguishing Candle LV: lasts only as long as lunch
Self-Extinguishing Candle CC: uses a small cube of wax
Self-Extinguishing Candle MIM: goes out when the party's over
pertinax, Jun 21 2014


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